The Laird is ready…

You’ve seen from my SDCC posts my surreal time with pal Beth Elahmar as we met the cast of Outlander at SDCC in San Diego.  Sam and Cait finally got to see for the first time Beth’s incredible work… and learned at that time how much money her work for a charity raffle raised for both of their causes.  Approximately $11-thousand dollars was split between Bloodwise and World Child Cancer.

Next week, I’ll see Beth again in Blackpool, England at the Starfury Convention.  There she’ll present to the raffle winner ‘The Laird.’  Since Sam can’t be there to present with Beth… (film conflict) we’re hoping Cait will help Beth present this beauty to the winner… (I know Grant (Rupert) will because he’s already wowed by Beth’s cross stitch craft.)  So stay tuned for those pics.

So without further adieu… here is the finished, framed The Laird.  The framer is extraordinary.  She even incorporated the Fraser family crest at the top… Je Suis Prest.  And at the bottom is Sam’s autograph that he gave Beth at SDCC.


Just a reminder… you’re looking at 150K cross stitches.  And it took Beth 9-months to complete.  It’s based on a painting done by Kath Powell.  Beth created the cross stitch pattern.  Paint and cc

Just extraordinary!  Right now, Beth is working on another piece… this one will feature Cait in that va-va-vooom red dress!


Getting closer!

Looking at the calendar and realizing … OMG. I’m going to be in England verra soon.  Ok. You can’t be a National Geographic Producer/Writer without having travel experience. Check.   But … in truth… it’s been many years since I’ve done so.  Check.  So… I’m going to the bank tomorrow to convert dollars into pounds.  Check.  Get the train schedule from Manchester to Blackpool, check.  Bring my bills and coins from previous UK trips with me to use.  Check.  Figure out what I’d like signed by the cast when I get to Blackpool… not checked but I’ll work on it.

Funny… In the midst of this trip… I’ve finished my class syllabus for my university students this coming semester.  So I leave on Aug. 24th.  Thursday.  Arrive on Aug. 25th, Friday.  Have an 4-hour layover until a flight out to Manchester that night.  Then arrive in Manchester early Friday morning.  Next.  I find a cab to take me to Blackpool for the convention.  Classes start at the University of North Texas (for me) on Tuesday, August 29th. Whew!

When I return, It’ll be Sunday, Aug. 27th… (which is my late Mom’s birthday) and get back to Dallas that night by 9pm Central time.   Bhahahah!!! I’m taking my iPod with me to post pics hopefully.  Even if I don’t post script if that’s too expensive.  We’ll see.

Oh and I’ll meet with AT&T folks about their international plans.

So… you might see pics without script.  Depending on what I can afford.  But know that I’ll fill in the blanks asap.

After this trip… a few weeks later I’m heading back to the UK for MPC in Scotland (Glasgow).  What a summer!  😀



A wee note…

Not much to say until I get ready for my next adventure.  That is England!  Blackpool for the Starfury Convention.  The highlander boys will be there… Rupert, Angus, Graham (I think) and our queen… Cait.  (You know Sam had to bow out because of filming conflicts.)

Thank you one and all for following me. I’m not one to over burden you with dribble.  Think about it .  As a broadcast pro it’s not in my nature to weigh you down with nonsense.   But I’ll do my best to update you when I can.  You’re more than welcome to check out my face book page.  I post pics there BUT, you get first dibs!  😀

I’ll touch base again as I get closer to getting ready for England this month!



HS Reunion update

I know this is my Outlander fan blog… but very sweetly several readers wished me well when I mentioned I was going to my first high school reunion in Cleveland in 40 years on July 29th.   And those same readers wanted to know how it all went.

It’s been 46 years since I saw many of my wonderful classmates!  Yes, I said 46!  We were the last class before our Catholic school… Hoban Dominican… an all girls school was sold to the Cleveland public school system.  So we were especially sentimental about saying good bye to each other and the school itself back then.

So, I’m staying at the home of a very good friend for the weekend.  And I went to dinner with her family, Friday night.  My high school event is Saturday afternoon.  At Friday’s dinner… I bit into a tough piece of Artisan bread… and yep… broke my front tooth.  As John McEnroe would say … “You Cannot Be Serious!”

I’ve flown in from Dallas for this very, very special gathering… And now have a broken front tooth.  Nooooo!   The next day I’m going to see women for the first time in 4-decades!  OMG.

Well thank the Lord for a night guard.  I used it to keep my front tooth in place.  Sigh.  Oh did I mention I was also asked to give an inspirational speech?  Yes… and I did.  I was assured my articulation was clear enough to be understood even with the night guard. Thank goodness for broadcast articulation and pronunciation training.  Who knew I could speak well with essentially ‘marbles in my mouth!’

Here’s a pic of yours truly at Hoban.  I was the President of the AV (audio visual) club (guess I was always into media!). We’re posing for the yearbook.  I’m on the right.


Don’t you love the uniform?  Maroon blazer… Maroon plaid.  Regulation white blouse. Hmm even then my smile was mysterious.  Now… 4-decades later… we have this… !


Ya gotta love a broken tooth.  I’m hugging my sweet dear friend Mary Gerboc Wolf.  And in the background is Cynthia Smith.

What was so special about this gathering is learning about how the years have treated each of us.  There were so many really amazing stories.  And many stories that were utterly amazing.  One classmate nearly died from a heart attack… another nearly died from gun violence.

Most are moms and wives and even grandmothers.  We’ve all agreed to meet again in 4 years to mark our 50th high school reunion.  That means when I fly in from where ever… the night before… I will sip a protein shake.


Free stuff!

Beth is holding a contest to help celebrate her turning… ah… a year older.  Here are details.  You can go to her FaceBook page for more.  Beth Elahmar.  Her special day is Monday, July 31. She writes the following:


I’m having a contest over on my conversion fb page in honor of my bday on Monday.

Thought this would be interesting for all you Outlander fans wanting to stitch Outlander like me. 😁😁


New contest in honor of my 51st bday on Monday.

The first 51 people to order 2 patterns BEFORE 7/31 receive 1 free pattern each month until the end of the year.

ORDER 2 patterns – Get 5 more for free.

Any photo you submit for conversion is $20.

Payment is made thru PayPal at SQRLB8@GMAIL.COM

Let’s do this!! Spread the word.

Update on the Cait and Sam Choice…

I can’t believe it… but Beth just emailed me to say she’s going to cross stitch BOTH paintings done by Geno Acedo.  In other words… she’s planning to do the choice Sam and Cait BOTH choose.  But she’s also going to do the piece (runner up) that Cait was leaning toward and intrigued with.  WhaaaaahhhhT!  It’ll take her a year to do both.  But she’s going to do it.  Neither Sam or Cait know this.  Shhhh!